Lutronic Ultra™


Lutronic Ultra™


Over time, environmental factors damage the skin. Signs of skin damage contribute to your skin having a less even tone and texture. This laser treatment can reduce these problems and restore your skin to a more youthful and healthy appearance. 

Lutronic Ultra is unique from traditional resurfacing lasers. Ultra rebuilds glowing and healthy skin through non-ablative fractionated treatments or treatments that keep the skin intact and work by tightening from underneath.


The benefits of Lutronic Ultra are:

According to clinical studies, Lutronic Ultra is fast and essentially painless. Ultra is a true Thulium laser or a laser that operates at wavelengths in a continuous wave or pulsed mode. Ultra is the ultimate device for refreshing and rebuilding new and healthy skin in all skin types and all ages. However, we suggest you avoid sun exposure and skin irritants for up to 24 hours after your treatment.

Ultra creates tiny thermal creases in the skin to trigger the body to generate new tissue. New tissues give your skin a brighter tone, improve texture, and reverse pigment and sun damage. Treatment can be customized year-round from mild to aggressive to suit all skin types. You can use Ultra anywhere on the body, including the face, chest, neck, hands, and arms. 

Morpheus8 can be combined with Lutronic Ultra for a Total Skin Solution. We do the Morpheus8 treatment first, immediately followed by the Ultra. This combination treats all layers of the skin comprehensively. Morpheus8 addresses volume loss and laxity while Lutronic Ultra addresses pigment. We can smooth, tighten, and improve skin tone and texture in one treatment.

Post-treatment redness may occur on the first day following your Lutronic Ultra session. Your skin may have a dry, rough texture during the recovery, but this is more noticeable to the touch rather than visually. The mild exfoliating effect may continue for five or six days after the procedure, but fresh and healthy layer of skin and a clearer complexion will be seen.

We recommend a series of three once-a-month treatments for optimal results. 


KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP™) is a scalp and hair treatment serum that includes exclusive formulas. It is a one-of-a-kind topical serum with five bioidentical growth factors and two skin proteins essential for the health of both your scalp and your hair. KeraLase™ is often used with the Ultra laser, which makes micro wounds in the scalp to aid in the absorption of KeraLase™.

 improved absorption into the skin. KeraLase™ serum includes exclusive synthetic growth factors that mimic nature (biomimetic) plus proteins designed to give your hair and scalp health. 

The benefits of KeraLase™ are:

KeraLase™ is applied after the Lutronic Ultra. Both treatments are essential components to provide hair regrowth.



LaseMD Ultra is a gentle but effective non-ablative laser that targets the water molecules in the skin. The treatment can be customized to fit your needs – whether you are looking for a light resurfacing to give your skin a glowing appearance before a special occasion or a deeper treatment to address fine lines, pigmentation and mild to moderate sun damage, LaseMD Ultra
is the perfect addition to your skin care routine.

•Brighter Skin Tone

• Fine Lines

• Improved Skin Texture

• Pigment Reduction

• Décolleté Care

• Age Spots

• Sun Spots

• Freckles

• Actinic Keratoses

• Mild to Moderate Sun Damage

Yes! Anyone can benefit from LaseMD Ultra’s cutting edge technology!

Monthly treatments are recommended to maintain a youthful glow and prevent future skin damage. Your provider will work with you to find the best treatment regimen based on the
results you are trying to achieve. LaseMD Ultra makes the perfect complement to any skincare

You will feel some heat and tingling as the laser is passed over the skin. The number of passes and procedure time will depend on the depth of treatment, lasting anywhere from 5-20 minutes. For mild treatments, the discomfort is very minimal. For more aggressive treatments, your physician may apply a numbing cream 30-45 minutes before the treatment to maximize your comfort.

Immediately following the treatment, you will notice some redness, which will lessen over
the next day or so. The following 5-6 days, your skin will have a dry, sandpaper-like texture.
This is normal and will resolve as your skin exfoliates, revealing fresher, clearer skin.

While there will be some visible redness right after the treatment, you will be able to immediately resume your normal activities.

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