Weight Loss

Whether you’re trying to drop that last few pounds or you have some major weight to lose, having the right kind of support is crucial.

The team at Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa in Jackson Tennessee and Henderson, Tennessee offers a physician-supervised medical weight loss program that has customization options to fit your needs. Book online now or call the office to begin your journey to a healthier and thinner you.

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Q & A

Can you tell me the secret to weight loss success?

The secret to weight loss success is taking a long-term approach rather than having a "quick fix" mentality. The team at Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa help you learn a whole new lifestyle, one that will help you get results and maintain those results for the long term.

Do I need medication to lose weight?

Not necessarily, but prescription weight loss medications like phentermine may be helpful for some patients. If you're interested in prescription weight loss medicine, your Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa caregiver must evaluate your BMI and your general health to determine whether the drug is a good fit for you.

If you'd prefer an all-natural approach to weight loss, or if you don't qualify to take phentermine or other weight loss medications, your doctor will guide you on a journey to medication-free weight loss.

Regardless of whether you choose prescription medication or the all-natural weight loss option, your well-rounded weight loss plan includes a fitness plan, nutritional guidance, and all the support you need to succeed. Your weight loss is always medically supervised, whether you choose the prescription medication plan or not.

How often are my appointments?

Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa offers a weight loss program unlike any other in the Henderson area. A major difference between Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa and local competitors is that you’ll have weekly visits as opposed to monthly ones.

Weekly visits allow you to get the consistent support you need. During every visit, our medical team will reassess your health and your progress to make sure that you're on the right track.

At each visit, you'll get the chance to ask questions and get the answers you need to lose weight safely and effectively. Your preferences and results are what matters most to the team at Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa.

How will I benefit from losing weight?

Losing weight can do much more than just help you look better in a swimsuit. You can also improve your energy levels, lower your blood pressure, reduce your chance of developing type 2 diabetes, and feel like a whole new person.

If you're ready to make a change and shed those extra pounds, reach out today via the online tool or by phone.