ZO® Stimulator Peel

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ZO® Stimulator Peel

The ZO® Stimulator Peel, also known as the “Lunchtime Peel,” is a must for any type of skin that looks dull or feels rough, as it uses a combination of exfoliating ingredients to revive and renew the skin. The Stimulator Peel is the ultimate results-oriented treatment you’ve been searching for – without downtime.
This peel can effectively address the signs of skin aging and is a highly effective treatment for melasma, sun damage, fine lines, uneven skin texture, large pores, dull skin, and even acne. The Stimulator Peel is also suitable for all skin types and colors.

Among the benefits of this superficial peel are:

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ZO® Stimulator Peel is a scientifically formulated formulation of salicylic, lactic, and citric acids, exfoliating dead skin cells and helping stimulate cellular turnover, improving skin tone and texture.

This superficial chemical peel is suitable for all skin types.

Results may be seen after just one Stimulator Peel, but a series of three to four peels is recommended for maximum results every two weeks.

This procedure is referred to as the “lunchtime peel” because it is typically completed in about 30 minutes.

For best results, once a week is recommended for about four weeks. Routine maintenance can then be performed every four to six weeks. 

No downtime is required for this peel.

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