Everything You Need To Know About Lashes

Everything You Need To Know About Lashes

Lashes are an essential part that helps improve one’s appearance as it frames the eyes and adds more definition to our faces. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your natural lashes with extensions or grow them long naturally, it’s always essential to have a deeper understanding of the various options available on proper lash maintenance.

This blog will cover everything you need to know about the different types of lashes and their facts, care tips, and treatments. 

The Different Types of Lashes

Your lashes play a crucial part in any makeup look. It brings more definition to your eyes and, like your eyebrows, can significantly impact your overall appearance. There are three types of lashes that you need to know about.

Natural Lashes

These are basically the lashes you grew up with from the roots. They sometimes come off as thick, thin, short, long, straight, curly, or light-colored if you have lighter-colored base hair. 

Facts About Your Natural Lashes
  • They act as a barrier to your eyes from dust and other foreign particles. 
  • They grow in three periods.
  • They are fragile.
  • Your top eyelash is always fuller than your bottom lashes.

False Lashes

These are lashes that are made of synthetic material and can be applied on your upper eyelid, specifically on top of your natural lashes, to create a fuller and longer look. They come in different styles, the most common of which are a full strip of lashes that can be applied on your lid. Another variation also comes as individual lashes, clusters of a few lashes you can use individually to create a more natural look.

Facts About Your Fase Lashes
  • They only last a day or less, depending on how much you sweat.
  • You can apply mascara over them.
  • They add more strength to your eyes.
  • They are your quick go-to choice during occasions.
  • They take less time to use than the last extensions.
  • They can strain your natural lashes and impair their natural volume and growth. 
  • The adhesive could accidentally glue both your eyelids, so be careful.

Extension Lashes

Like the false lashes, they are made of synthetic material that is individually applied using a stronger adhesive. It brings a fuller look to your eyes and can come in various lengths. 

Facts About Your Fase Lashes
  • You really don’t need mascara when you have them since it could interfere with the adhesive’s effect.
  • Our NovaLash Extensions can be worn throughout the year.
  • If you want to use mascara, we recommend the NovaLash glycol and carbonate-free mascara.
  • They take hours and careful precision to apply.
  • Some people are not suitable to wear them because they can cause redness to your eyes.
  • They are the type of lashes that look like your natural lashes.
  • When incorrectly applied, this could impair the growth of your natural lashes.

Helpful Care Tips for Your Lashes

Your lashes are fragile. If you want your natural lashes to stay long, full, and healthy, you must practice extra caution to avoid falling out. Here are some valuable ways to preserve their health:

1. Be gentle when removing eye makeup.

If you want to remove any eye makeup like eye shadows, eyeliner, and mascara, then take your time when removing them. Do not rub or pull at them, as this could uproot your natural lashes.

2. Don’t use oil-based products.

The ingredients used to make the mascara could contradict oil. This can cause to weaken the bonds of your lashes and hasten their falling out. However, castor oil is widely used as a stimulant for lash growth.

3. Never apply heat on your eyelashes.

No matter what your stylist or Tiktok fads may show you, applying heat to your lashes may cause them to become brittle and more prone to breakage. Never use a curling iron, and as much as possible, avoid steam and saunas.

4. Using a lash growth serum helps a lot.

Lash growth serums are scientifically produced to nourish and strengthen your lashes, assisting them in growing healthier, longer, and more volumized. However, you must carefully follow each step in the instructions provided.

5. Avoid wearing false lashes too much.

Although false lashes can give you a temporary boost, they can also damage you permanently. The adhesive and weight of these false strips of lashes can strain your natural lashes and lead them to breakage. If you want to avoid impairing its growth, give your lashes weeks of rest before using them. You may also use less mascara during this time.

6. Getting plenty of sleep and eating a healthy diet always helps.

If you’ve noticed, the key to always getting volumized and stronger hair or lash is a healthy routine. When you sleep 6-8 hours and eat a balanced diet, this can significantly impact adding more volume to your lashes.

Highly Recommended Treatment for Your Lashes

If you weren’t naturally blessed with full, long, dark eyelashes, we bring you helpful solutions to your lash issues. They are the following:

Lash Extensions

Getting a Lash extension is your best solution if you’re someone born with thinner and shorter eyelashes. They are a long-term solution to add more volume and length to your lashes. However, they must only be applied by a professional that’s licensed to do the job. We highly recommend the NovaLash extension since you can wear them for a year, unlike other average products you see on the market. 

Lash Lift

Being born with straight volumized lashes often becomes a problem since they can block your view. That’s why we highly recommend getting a lash lift. 

A lash lift is a cosmetic treatment that involves perming your natural lashes so that they can have a curled and lifted appearance. They are a safer alternative to the traditional lash perm, which is damaging to your lashes. A lash lift may last up to 4-6 weeks.

Last Tint

With the use of semi-permanent vegetable dye, you can now darken the color of your eyelashes to make them look thicker and more volumized. This treatment applies to people with light-colored lashes or eyebrows. A lash tint can give off the appearance of a darker and thicker lash. Moreover, a lash tint can be a great alternative if you feel like wearing mascara is a heavy burden on your eyes because of allergies. Your lash tint can last for a month, on average.