What are lashes?

What are lashes?

Eyelashes are a natural beauty trait that can make a girl’s eyes look different. Every day, many women spend a lot of time trying to make their eyelashes look better. We can all agree that long, thick eyelashes are a must-have for a classic, dramatic look!

The truth is, two of the ten must-have items in a woman’s makeup bag, mascara, and lashes, are easy ways to make your eyes look sexier in seconds! But did you know that your eyelashes are home to tiny bugs and that they grow in stages? 

Today, Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa are here to discuss some interesting facts about 

Your lashes. We also have a few suggestions on what treatments your best to take if you’d like a lash extension! Check this post for more details! 

How Eyelashes Do Their Job

The eyes are an essential part of the body. One of the first things we notice about other people is their eyes. When we look at someone directly, our eyes say things that words can’t.

But sometimes, the fine hairs on our eyelashes can draw attention to our eyes. Yes! All that matters are the lashes. Do your eyes have a lot of eyelashes? You might wish you did if you don’t have them since they can make your eyes look more beautiful. But why do we have them to begin with?

Most ladies use makeup and other ways to make their eyelashes look better and longer. Eyelashes that are long and thick can be beautiful. But they do more than make you look better. Here are some of the things they do.

Keeping your eyes safe

Dust and sand are two examples of things in the air that can get into your eyes and hurt them. The eyelashes move these things away from the eyes.

It keeps out your sweat.

They also help keep sweat or rain from getting into your eyes. Because they are curved and placed in a certain way, they can keep water from getting into your eyes.

Helps your senses

They can also act like a cat’s whiskers would. If something gets too close to your face or eyes, your delicate eyelashes will feel it and warn you. Small particles in the air or tiny bugs could be dangerous. Your eyelashes can tell when your eyelids need to close to protect your eyes.

Like your eyebrows and forehead, your eyelashes help protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare. They’re not as good as sunglasses, but they help block some light that gets into your eyes.

Some people think that eyelashes are magical and can make wishes come true. Some people will pick up an eyelash that has fallen off and landed on their cheek, make a wish, and then blow it away. 

Have you ever wished for something on a single lash? Is it true that what you wanted has happened? Well, at least let us know!

How Long Eyelashes Are

Researchers found that eyelashes get longer compared to how big a person’s eyes are. An animal’s eyelashes were a third as vast as the space between its eyes.

There is a big difference between the upper and lower lashes. There are many more hairs along your upper lash line than your lower lash line. 

They have about 200 to 300 lashes, which makes them almost twice as complete. You have about 100 of them on your lower lid, and their lengths vary. 

Most of the time, the lashes in the middle are much longer than those on the sides. The longest eyelash ever was 2.75 inches long. 6.99 centimeters was the exact measurement. 

And, believe it or not, a man holds this record. But the average length of an eyelash is about 10 millimeters.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Lash extensions are made of materials that look like natural lash hairs, like silk fibers, mink, or synthetic materials. 

Semipermanent glue is used to attach each extension one at a time to the base of your natural lash hair. Depending on your look, anywhere from 60 to 140 separate lashes will be put on each eye.

How Long Do Extensions Stay in Place?

Eyelash extensions usually last well for the first two weeks if you take care of them well. By the third week, wear and tear can make them look less put together. 

Around this time, you’ll probably notice that some of your natural lashes have fallen out as part of their normal shedding cycle. 

The extensions attached to them will also be gone, so you’ll see some gaps in coverage. Overall, the length of time your eyelash extensions will last varies greatly. 

Some people say they can make their extensions last up to four weeks. Some people may need to have them fixed every two weeks!

Lash Treatment at Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa

With NovaLash Lash Extensions, you can make your eyelashes longer, thicker, and fuller. Instead of wearing mascara every day, you can use these extensions instead. 

They are convenient, new, and stylish. Unlike false eyelashes that have been around for decades, you can wear lash extensions without taking them off at night. 

Since each tapered synthetic lash is glued directly to a single natural lash, the overall effect is an effortless glamour. Even when right next to it, it is hard to find.

Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa is the place to go to make an appointment for your first NovaLash consultation today!

How long do NovaLash eyelash extensions usually last?

Using Platinum Bond Adhesive, NovaLash eyelash extensions can be worn all year long, with only a tiny amount of care needed once a month. 

After the first complete set, you should get touch-ups to replace any lashes that have lost their curl. If you want your natural eyelashes to look full, you should follow their growth cycle every four weeks.

Will NovaLash lash extensions hurt my natural lashes?

When done right, lash extensions do not hurt natural lashes. With NovaLash’s way of putting on extensions, your natural lashes can grow and do well. 

This method requires several separation steps during the application process to ensure that each lash extension is attached to a single natural lash and doesn’t mess up the growth cycle.

Can I use mascara on my extensions from NovaLash?

When you have lash extensions, you usually don’t need mascara. It would be best if you only put on mascara when you are almost done with your makeup. 

It’s good to use water-soluble mascara, but using too much can shorten the life of your eyelashes. It would help if you didn’t use waterproof mascara because it will break the bond between the lashes and the product.

NovaLash carbonate- and glycol-free mascara is made to work with extensions without messing up the glue.

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