Acne, Mask-ne, and breakouts- Where does it come from and what can you do?

Acne Treatment in jackson TN by Rejuvenate Wellness and MedSpa

Acne is defined as the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin. When we think of acne and breakouts, we typically think of teenagers. However, people of any age can be affected. And, just as the ages of those affected vary, so do the triggers! No two people are just the same, and neither are their breakouts. 

Common acne triggers include hormones, improper cleansing, stress, genetics, inflaming skincare products, irritation, an unhealthy lifestyle, and an inflammatory diet. 

I know, those are a lot, and it may seem like the odds are stacked against you and your clear-skin goals. But, thankfully, there is hope! 

So, what can you do about these pesky bumps?! 

1. WASH UP! Wash your pillowcases and your make-up brushes weekly, and your mask daily! 

2. DARE TO DOUBLE CLEANSE! Skin cleansing begins when makeup removal ends!

3. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Drink plenty of water, eat clean foods, do more of what makes you happy and less of what stresses out, and avoid smoking and tanning at all costs!

4. CALL IN THE PROFESSIONALS! Consulting with a licensed Aesthetician is an absolute game changer! These skincare specialists will not only help rid you of your acne, but simultaneously reduce oil production, and prevent scarring and future breakouts! They achieve these results by identifying your triggers and setting you up with customized home care and treatment plan. When you bring in an “Aesty”, they’ll become your skin’s bestie!

At Rejuvenate Wellness and Medspa, we are staffed with highly-skilled, licensed aestheticians. We offer customized facials with extractions, chemical peels, laser treatments, and home care products for all of your acne needs! 

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